Monday, September 24, 2012

The Music Man

We have been very busy around our house.  Jacob has been potty training and moved into underwear today.  He only had one accident at school.  YIPEEE!  Hopefully he doesn't have any accidents on our couch or carpet :).   We went shopping for undies last week and he happily picked out underwear with pirates, trucks, footballs, and fire trucks on them.  He is so proud to wear them.  When you tell him that he has to tell you when he needs to pee he rolls his eyes at you.  You can tell he has probably been told a million times and is so tired of hearing it.  I love how cute he is when he pees in the potty and you tell him how proud you are of him.  His face lights up and he jumps up and down. 

Jacob has also been very busy with his swim lesson at Michael Phelps Swim School.  We have gone the past two Saturday mornings and he loves it.  This past Saturday he kept telling me he could swim by himself and to let him go.  I'm so glad he loves the water.  I think we may need to sign him up for private swim lessons with his teacher Mr. Joe. 

Lastly, Jacob started Soccer Shots on Wednesdays at school.  He is learning how to play soccer and I think he is having a good time.  They teach them how to dribble, kick, and shoot goals.  Last week he came home saying he kicked the ball in the net and was very proud of himself. 

I thought I would post this video below.  My mom taught Jacob the song "Down By the Station" but he can never remember all the words.  He just made up all the words at the end of the song.  I love this video.  Our little music man may be taking piano and voice lessons in the near future :).

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