Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sick Week

Jacob sitting on the bathroom floor with a steam shower running.

Over the last week Jacob has been home and very sick. The poor guy came home on Valentine's Day with a fever and was having a hard time breathing. Andrew took him to the doctor on Tuesday morning and he was given an inhaler and orders to stay home for the week. Since Andrew and I both work, we were not happy that Jacob had to stay home for the week, but we also felt bad he was so sick. Andrew and I took shifts during the week and it worked out well for the both of us. Andrew would take the morning shift at home and then I would come home at lunch and take the afternoon shift. On Friday, I took the whole day off because Andrew had a "meeting" to attend. He did come home at lunch and said, "Jacob, next week you have to go to daycare because my house can't take anymore." LOL Andrew came home to toys strewn all over the kitchen and a basement that looked like a toy bomb went off. What are you going to do when the kid is into everything?

Friday afternoon Andrew's parents came down to watch Jacob for us and allow us to have a night out on the town. We went down to Federal Hill and celebrated Gui's 29th birthday. Andrew and I had a wonderful time going out with friends and got home around midnight. At 1:30am Jacob decided he didn't like that we had a night of fun without him so he got up and stayed up until 3:30! UHHGGG (Jacob, if you are reading this we learned our lesson and won't have fun without you again :))

Saturday we went shopping and had lunch with Andrew's parents. Grandma and Grandpa bought Jacob his first sneakers and they are adorable. He looks so cute in them! Now that I know his shoe size our bank account may have a baby boy shoe shopping problem.

On Monday, Jacob headed back to daycare and he seems to be on the mend for the most part. He still has a cough and coughs sporadically throughout the night, but I'm hoping he will soon be healed for good.

Andrew and I both really enjoyed our time home with Jacob, but working and having a kid is really hard to manage. Most of the time I feel like I'm losing my mind and have a list a mile long of things that need to be done. Even though working, having a husband, and child is hard, I do enjoy having a life outside of being a mom.

Don't you love the track suit and new shoes :)

Jacob with his cousin Garrett.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

9 months and cousins

On Friday Jacob had his 9 month appointment. He weighed in at 24 lbs. 12 oz and is 30 in. tall. He is the 95% in all categories. When the doctor checked his ears he had a double ear infection so he was put on some antibiotics. He seems to be in better spirits today. At 9 months Jacob is crawling, pulling up on tables and chairs, "talking" to us a lot, eating table food, and starting to drink out of a sippy cup. Tomorrow he gets moved into the next room up at daycare. He will be the youngest in the new class so I'm sure he will be learning all new tricks pretty soon.

Yesterday we traveled up to PA to visit with the Davis Party of 4. Jacob had a wonderful time watching his big cousin Charlotte jump around, scream, sing songs, dance, and entertain him the entire afternoon. He laughed as she screamed down the hallway, crawled to balls she would roll around for him to get, and happily ate the dinner she nicely fed to him. Charlotte even gave up her special seat (her highchair) so Jacob could sit in it at dinner. I loved watching the two of them get along so well and can only imagine what will happen when Jacob and Max can walk and run around after Charlotte. Jacob had a good visit with Max too. He only tried to poke him in the eye one time. I love that Jacob has cousins so close in age with him I just wish they didn't live so far away.