Monday, April 25, 2011


I have been very busy over the last few months and I don't see an end in site. I started taking a class on Saturday mornings in February and the reading for the class has bogged me down every night.

Jacob has also been a very busy boy and really cruising around the townhouse. He loves to pull himself up on the trash can and push is across the kitchen floor. Andrew and I have really been enjoying the past few months with him as he has started to say more, point to what he wants, and cruise around on furniture.

Last Thursday, we went to a consultation with and ear, nose, and throat doctor for tubes and we decided to get tubes put in his ears. The doctor had an opening on Friday so we scheduled the appointment. Friday morning at 6:30 we headed over to get the tubes and Jacob did very well. He was pretty mad when he woke up but he calmed down after 45 minutes or so. The rest of the day he was up to his old tricks and played with his cousins at grandmas. Hopefully we can say goodbye to the ear infections or at least antibiotics.

We had a very nice Easter weekend and enjoyed spending time with family. I think Jacob's favorite part of the weekend was crawling around after his cousin Garrett and being a big ham at the kitchen table at my parents. My little sister took some really cute shots of Jacob on Friday in his Easter outfit that my mom made. What a cutie!!