Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

We had a wondeful Christmas and feel very blessed to have been given so much. We woke up on Sunday morning and took Jacob downstairs to see his train table. He LOVED it! He had a wonderful time looking at all the buildings, trains, and making the noises on the track.

After opening gifts, we had a nice breakfast and headed off to church.

When we got home from church Jacob took a nap while Andrew and I prepared to host dinner for the grandparents. Andrew made a wonderful ham and the grandparents helped to provide the sides. The dinner was wonderful and it was great to have everyone with us. Jacob had a wonderful Christmas and was in bed by 7:30. Today Andrew and I head off to my parents to drop Jacob off for a few days. Andrew and I will be driving down to Williamsburg, VA on Tuesday morning and spending a few days there to celebrate my 30th birthday.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Tree

On Saturday we headed out to get our Christmas tree. We decided to take Jacob's wagon this year. Jacob happily got in his wagon and we headed out to the farthest corner of the tree lot to get our Frasier Fur.

Once we finally made it to the trees, we got Jacob out of the wagon and started looking for the perfect tree. Jacob, taking after his father, decided to take a huge poo in the middle of the tree lot. I chuckled a little because I now know he will fit in perfectly up at deer camp and in the woods hunting. :) After the battle of changing his diaper in the middle of the tree lot we found our perfect tree.

Andrew cut it down and Jacob said "oooohhh no". Jacob was very worried about the fallen tree. The whole way back through the tree lot Jacob kept saying "oh no, tree". We took the tree to the "tree shaker" to get all the dead needles off and he loved that part. He kept shaking like the tree. HILARIOUS!

We then headed back to the truck to load the tree and wagon. Poor Andrew had a time trying to fit everything back in the truck and secure it. The nice thing about taking the wagon is it will go everywhere and Jacob loves to sit and go for a ride. The bad thing is it takes up so much room. We finally got everything to fit and used the tailgate as a picture taking opportunity.

(Wasn't it nice that Paul Bunyan stopped by to get his picture taken?)

I think in a year Jacob will be able to carry the tree out of the farm by himself.

It was hard work picking out the perfect tree.