Tuesday, September 27, 2011

He Called Me Da-Da

Although Jacob has a wide range of vocabulary, can tell you when something is hot, where his nose, head, and belly are, when he is thirsty, and understands when you ask him to close a door he still called me Daddy or Da-Da until September 23, 2011. It melted my heart when I walked in the door on Friday evening after work and Jacob was in his highchair, looked right at me, and said "Ma-Ma." I could have died right there and been a happy mommy forever.

When I would come down the stairs in the morning and Andrew would be feeding him yogurt he would say "Daddy" and point right at me. When we went to my parents a few weekends ago he called me "Daddy" the entire weekend. Now, in his defense, we didn't really work on Mommy and Ma-Ma and Dad was his first word. He also loves Andrew to the moon and back and you can tell he wants to be just like Andrew so I guess I should be flattered.

Jacob would say "Ma Ma" and walk around the house saying "Mama Mama Mama" but would never associate me with Ma Ma.

I thought the moment would never come when he would call me Ma Ma. I'm so glad he learned my name.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

His Words..........

Jacob is really starting to talk and gain a vocabulary. We have been working with him on certain words and then others he will pick up after you say them once or twice.

We are working on body parts right now and putting two words together like "bye bye Daddy". He can point to his nose, belly, and head. He can also find mommy and daddy's belly.

The teachers in Jacob's class say he has the best vocbaulary in there and they say he talks all day. Andrew said the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with the two grandmothers he has.

At 16 months here are the words he says:

- More please (with the sign language). I think Grandad will be teaching him "just one more" pretty soon.
- Daddy and Ma Ma
- Apple
- Bubble
- Hi and Bye
- Book
- Truck and Tractor
- Bottle
- Shoes
- Baby
- Shhhh (with the finger to his mouth)
- Thank you
- Wee (when going around bends in the road and over bridges)
- Poo :) He tells you when he's gone in his diaper. (Does that mean we're ready to potty train?)
- Dog and Woof Woof
- Hot
- Ball
- Row
- Uh-Oh

Disclaimer: Most words are in "Jacob language" but we know what he is saying. I was also recording him by myself.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Jacob has become very independent lately. Last night I made butternut squash soup and he decided to feed himself.

I am so glad that my little boy is growing up but very sad that he is becoming a little boy instead of my baby. His hair is getting pretty long in the back and I keep telling Andrew we need to cut his hair. Andrew will not let me get it cut and I think Andrew doesn't want to cut Jacob's hair because once we do our baby will be gone.

So what other things make Jacob so independent.....
1. He likes to turn on the water at the sink and brush his teeth
2. He wants to pull his wagon around
3. Go up and down the stairs by himself
4. Feed himself
5. He likes to read his truck book and farm book to himself
6. He loves to be the DJ and play the music when we have DJ Dance Party in the kitchen. He will push the button on his toy and play music while we all dance around.
7. Jacob likes to be the one to close all the doors around the house
8. He will brush his hair and my hair in the morning

I'm sure in the next few months he will only become more and more independent as he uses his words more and gets bigger and stronger.