Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

We had a wonderful Father's Day today. We woke up and headed to church and then went down to the Baltimore City farmers market. Jacob had a great time looking at all the characters at the market and checking out the scene. He also loved eating donuts with Andrew, trying kettle corn, and drinking some of Andrew's smoothie. I think Andrew had a great time sharing everything with him too. After we got home from the market we all relaxed for a little while. Then, Jacob and Andrew wrestled on the floor (one of Jacob's favorite thing to do) and watched golf. Of course, Jacob kept saying, "ball, ball, ball" I think Jacob needs to learn some new words :)

Tonight we had steaks for dinner and then we took Jacob for a walk in his wagon. Andrew said he did everything he wanted for Father's Day. I'm so glad that he had a nice day and felt loved.

We love our daddy Andrew! He takes wonderful care of us. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Busy, Busy

 you can see I have not posted in over a month. I am not very good at this blog thing but I promise I will try to get better.

Lately we have been very busy. February through May, I was taking a class to sit for my Human Resources Certification and in May I sat for the test. I PASSED!!! WOO HOO. I am now a PHR. I also started a new job last week. I am now the HR manager at an all girls school, Garrison Forest. So far, so good. I am training with the girl I am replacing until the end of the months so it has not been too stressful to this point. Today we actually got out at 12pm because of graduation :).

Andrew and I have also been busy keeping up after a very busy little boy. Jacob is really crawling now and really knows what he wants. He is "talking" a lot and wants to know the words to everything. He really tries to say the words but it is hard for him to make all the sounds. His favorite word and word for anything he doesn't know is "ball". We got a little basketball hoop that suctions onto the oven and he loves to put the balls in the basket.

This week Andrew taught Jacob to put his sippy cup onto the table. He was always throwing his cup on the floor and then the water or milk would go flying. Now, every time he puts his cup on the table he looks at us and waits for us to clap and make a big deal out of his new trick. I hope when he is 18 we are still not having to cheer him on for putting his cup on the table. LOL

What does Jacob love to do now.....follow after his daddy, be outside, ride in his wagon, and swing in his swing. He loves to snuggle, be hugged, sit on your lap, and read books at bathtime. He still LOVES to eat and really wants to eat everything by himself. The one thing Jacob is not doing is walking. He stands, he'll walk with you holding his hands, he'll climb up all the stairs in the house, but he will not walk. I am not complaining....but I am because the kid is heavy. I am a little tired of carrying around almost 30 lbs all the time.

Jacob is turning out to be just the cutest and chubbiest little guy. His hair is growing and growing. Every morning he wakes up with bed head that I cannot seem to lay flat. On Saturday he had Dennis the Menice hair with a little piece sticking up in the back that would not lay flat. It was super cute. I think I might let his hair grow out to his shoulders. What do you think?