Friday, October 28, 2011


We have had some changes this week in our household. Jacob started in his new class at daycare and Andrew started a project management class at work.

Jacob LOVES his new class. His teachers are so kind and wonderful to him and Jacob gets to be a big boy. I think he loves the class because he has a lot more freedom to run around and they have big boy toys like cars, trucks, and tractors. They also get to sit at little tables and chairs for snack time and lunch time. They have storytime, sing songs, go outside twice a day, and do art projects everyday. He has to sleep on a cot at nap time and he has done a really great job with it. At night he is so exhausted from only getting one nap a day that last night when Andrew put him in his crib he said, "Bye Bye". Andrew said he must have been so tired he just wanted Andrew to leave so he could go to sleep. :) I think the BEST part of his new class is it is mostly boys and they are all his size. He isn't constantly being nagged to be gentle or to calm down like his last class and he can totally be himself.

Andrew was selected at his company to participate in a project management class. The class is for several months on Wednesdays. The class has a textbook he has to read and study and he also has homework every week. On Monday night Andrew came home with the textbook and put it on the kitchen table. Jacob climbed right up on the chair at the table and got the book. The book was pretty heavy and he was getting frustrated with not being able to open it and read it. I put him down on the floor and he happily turned the pages and looked through the book while I made dinner. I hope his love for books continues throughout his life.

Our future engineer :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Things

We have been busy doing fall things with Jacob over the past two weekends. Two weekends ago we took him to pick out his pumpkin with about 1000 other people at the pumpkin patch. This past weekend we took him to the Hereford Fall Festival to check out the fire trucks, tractors, and monster trucks. Yes, they had two monster trucks at the fall festival. The most popular attraction....the tractors! Andrew and I liked the school bus monster truck smashing cars but Jacob hated the loud engine.

All in all I think Jacob has been enjoying fall.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Little Helper

Jacob loves to be our little helper around the house. On Saturday he followed me all around the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms with a rag in his hand pretending to dust. After I would dust something he would take his rag and do the same thing.

He also LOVES to sweep with the broom so I went online and ordered him a little broom last week and he loves it so much. My friend told me the swiffer can be adjusted down to his size so on Sunday he followed Andrew all around the house helping to clean the wood floors with his swiffer.

You think he will still want to be this helpful cleaning when he is 16???????

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time at Grandma's House

Well Jacob has officially started his trips and weekends at Grandma's house. Back in September my mother in law asked if she could take Jacob for a weekend. Andrew and I picked a weekend that would work for us and so the date was marked on the calendar and the countdown started. I didn't know how I felt about Jacob leaving for a weekend. I wasn't worried for him but worried for me and not having my baby boy around. I think if you are a stay at home mom you are probably thrilled to give your kids away for a weekend, heck a week or maybe month but when you work all week you look forward to the weekends with your baby and getting to play with him for two whole days.

Of course, like I said, I had nothing to worry about and Jacob had a wonderful time. He must have played and played and been the center of attention because when he came home he was in the best mood, laughing and joking around. I heard he was a great helper sweeping leaves, said lots of words, was in a good mood, and hopefully did not wear grandma and grandpa out too much.

On Sunday morning my parents brought Jacob down and attended church service with us. When my parents walked in with Jacob on Sunday I felt like I hadn't seen him in forever. I think he grew 2 inches and learned a few more words at Grandma's like "night, night".

I did miss him but it was nice for us to have some time to ourselves too. I forgot what that felt like to just hang out and not have to worry about a kiddo. Andrew and I went out to eat on Friday and Saturday night and we also painted the guest bedroom so we could say we were productive.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for watching Jacob over the weekend!