Thursday, August 23, 2012

Has it been 3 months?

Yes, I know I haven't posted for almost 4 months now.  To be honest, blogging is not really my thing.  I am not one of those people that can work all day long in front of a computer and then go home and spend a few hours on the computer in the evening.  When I get home all I want to do is eat a nice dinner with my family, give Jacob his bath, and snuggle with him at bed time.  Once I put Jacob to bed I like to just chill out with Andrew on the couch.  I don't want to think about a blog post.

I know my fmaily likes to see pictures of Jacob and know what he is up to so I will continue to do some posts for you.

What have we been up to this summer?   Well.....

 - We went to OBX with the Birmingham clan.  Jacob loved the beach, pool, playing with his cousins, and the Duck Parade with Duck Donuts.  Now he likes us to draw pictures of him in a parade with Grandma and Grandpa.  He is always playing the drums in the parade pictures.  I think he may take after his father and play the drums in marching band one day.

- Working.  I have been busy with all the new hires starting this Fall and Andrew has been busy with his work projects.

- Watching our bubba grow and learn.  Last night I came home late and he was sitting on the couch with Andrew, watching "his shows" and eating popcorn.  When I sat down and looked at him I couldn't believe how much he has changed and grown.  He really is turning into a little boy.

- Watching the Olympics.  Jacob really enjoyed the Olympics this summer.   He is obsessed with Michael Phelps.  He had Olympic week at school and he could name all the events and athletes.  The teachers were so impressed with his knowledge that they made a special Olympic book just for him.  Michael Phelps (one of the male teachers at the school) even called Jacob on the classroom phone and told him to remember his manners, to listen, and follow directions.  The teachers said he was so excited that Michael Phelps called him.

- Jacob has also been learning the letters and sounds of alphabet.  He knows: A, B, D, G, I, J, L, N, O, R, and Q.  He is also starting to recognize some numbers too.  He can count to 20 with a little help.

- Jacob is also really working on his hand eye coordination by practicing hitting the baseball.  Last week he hit the ball three times when I threw it to him.  Granted, I threw about 30 pitches but I was impressed that he stuck with it and kept trying.  I was very proud of him.

- Learning Spanish!

Soooo we have been very busy around our house.

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